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Black man at work in a field in front of Rossborough Inn

Related Collections

The following collections from UMD's University Archives have been useful in our investigation into the history of enslaved and free Black labor on UMD's College Park campus. To learn more about each collection, click on the titles below to follow the links.

Board of Regents records
  • The Board of Regents is the highest-level governing body of the University of Maryland system. The Regents' records document overall administration of the university. They contain correspondence; statements; proposals; reports; and files from specific committees, boards, and commissions, in particular the Committee on the Presidency, the Agricultural Advisory Board, and the Maryland Agricultural Commission. The University of Maryland also holds a significant unprocessed addendum to the Regents' records which includes correspondence, publications, audiotapes, minutes of meetings, budgets, and reports. A preliminary inventory of these unprocessed materials has been prepared; requests to examine these records will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Dates: 1916-1990
  • Extent of Collection: 12.75 linear feet

Department of Botany records
  • The Department of Botany was established in 1859 as one of the original units of the Maryland Agricultural College. The records of the department consist of correspondence, research notebooks, publications, administrative subject files, and photographs.
  • Dates: 1898-1980
  • Extent of Collection: 14.0 linear feet

College of Agriculture records
  • The teaching of agriculture at the University of Maryland began with the opening of the Maryland Agricultural College in 1859. The establishment of the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station at the college almost thirty years later, in 1888, enhanced the focus on agriculture. The College Park campus of the University of Maryland, created by the Maryland General Assembly in 1920, was originally divided into thirteen educational units, including the College of Agriculture. The college underwent many name changes during its history and is now known as the College of Agricultural and Natural Resources. The records of the college primarily document the tenure of Gordon M. Cairns as dean and consist of correspondence, reports, committee information, appointment books, budget files, financial ledger books, and photographs.
  • Dates: 1916-1973; Majority of material found within 1951-1969
  • Extent of Collection: 20.75 linear feet

Office of the Comptroller records
  • The Office of the Comptroller is the central accounting office of the University of Maryland system. These records consist of the central financial ledgers maintained by the comptroller, as well as records of general operating funds, special purpose accounts, payroll, audits, research and restricted funds, and construction funds for various campuses of the University of Maryland System, in particular College Park, Baltimore, and Eastern Shore.
  • Dates: 1856-1975
  • Extent of Collection: 157.5 linear feet

Department of Entomology records
  • The Department of Entomology was established in 1859 to focus on teaching, research, regulation, extension services, and instructional aspects of entomology. The collection consists of such materials as articles, speeches, and photographs created by the department or its faculty members and documents the administration of the department as well as many of its experiments and projects.
  • Dates: 1893-1986; Majority of material found within 1926-1965
  • Extent of Collection: 19.0 linear feet

Farmers' Institutes records
  • The Farmers' Institutes was a Department of the Maryland Agricultural College. Document types include correspondence, news clippings, inventories, a scrapbook of programs, broadsides, and syllabi, and a history of the Institutes. The Farmers' Institutes were created by state legislation in 1896 in order to provide agricultural education to farmers throughout the state. Instruction took place in the form of meetings held in each county, with national and international experts on agricultural topics speaking to the farmers on specific agricultural issues. The majority of correspondence and materials are from William L. Amoss's tenure as Director. 
  • Dates: 1896-1910
  • Extent of Collection: 5.25 linear feet

Department of Horticulture records
  • The Department of Horticulture was formally established in 1863 to provide classroom instruction, empirical fieldwork, and research opportunities in horticulture for students and faculty at the Maryland Agricultural College and at the University of Maryland, as well as to provide extension service for the residents of the state of Maryland. The collection consists of the administrative, research, and teaching records of the department.
  • Dates: 1888-1971
  • Extent of Collection: 25.25 linear feet

Maryland Agricultural College collection
  • The Maryland Agricultural College (MAC) was chartered on March 6, 1856 by members of The Baltimore Farmers Club, as a way to educate farmers on agricultural experimentation, scientific education, and leadership and discipline. Through the years, MAC evolved into a more public institution that specialized in agriculture and engineering. This collection mostly consists of photographs documenting life for early MAC students between the 1880s-1916. The images cover a broad range of topics, including: students and faculty life and studies; buildings and farming on campus; classrooms and laboratories; the campus farm and greenhouses; athletic events; and the Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station.
  • Dates: c. 1859-1916; Majority of material found within 1900-1916
  • Extent of Collection: 4.16 Linear Feet (2 photo albums; 2 flat boxes; 5 Folders; 157 Photographs; 4 Items)

Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station records
  • The Agricultural Experiment Station was founded in 1888 in order to use the resources of science to improve practice and profitability of agriculture, to conduct investigations into agricultural problems, and to publish and disseminate widely the results of its research. The collection consists of the operating records of the Agricultural Experiment Station and includes project and academic files, contracts and agreements, documentation of professional association activities of the station's directors, memorabilia, and photographs. A significant grouping of materials in the collection relates to the directorship of Harry J. Patterson.
  • Dates: 1852-1983
  • Extent of Collection: 34.5 linear feet

Office of the President, University of Maryland records
  • The Office of the President was established in 1859 with the appointment, by the Board of Trustees, of Benjamin Hallowell as the first president of the Maryland Agricultural College. The records document the tenure of eleven presidents of the Maryland Agricultural College, Maryland State College of Agriculture, and the University of Maryland system. They are comprised of correspondence; publications; reports; minutes; invitations; legislation; legal and financial records; photographs; newspaper clippings; conference materials; class schedules; and committee files. The University of Maryland also holds a major unprocessed addendum to the records of the Office of the President, consisting of one series documenting the administration of Wilson H. Elkins. These files primarily include correspondence, reports, budgetary materials, minutes, committee files, photographs, maps, and blueprints. Among the topics covered are student life; facilities construction; relations with local, state, and national government; employment; academic departments and programs; and alumni.
  • Dates: 1868-1988; Majority of material found within 1910-1988
  • Extent of Collection: 966 linear feet

Office of Registration records
  • The Office of Registration was an administrative office of the Maryland Agricultural College responsible for recording information about entering students and students' classroom performance. The collection contains student and entrance registers and records of recitations of the Maryland Agricultural College. The 1859-1907 Student Register has been digitized and can be viewed here
  • Dates: 1859-1916
  • Extent of Collection: 7.25 linear feet

University of Maryland Print File photographs
  • This collection contains photographs related to the history of the University of Maryland and documents a wide variety of activities, agricultural education, architecture, athletics, and academic life. The photographs in this collection span approximately ninety years and document the institution's transition from the Maryland Agricultural College (chartered 1856) to the Maryland State College of Agriculture (state-controlled 1916) to the University of Maryland (consolidated 1920). Subjects include academic departments, agricultural and natural resources, athletics, campus buildings and events, student life, faculty and staff, and campus organizations and activities. The collection consists mostly of candid action shots but also includes posed photos of individuals and groups. There are also many landscape and architectural photographs that document the physical changes on the campus. Additional pictures of university administrators and faculty are available in the Biographical Photographs - Print File collections.
  • Dates: 1888-1976, and undated; Majority of material found within circa 1890-1969
  • Extent of Collection: 21.75 linear feet & 61 items

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